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9 Warning Signs That Show Your Computer is Hacked

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With the advent of Internet, hackers followed suit! Literally, there are two categories of hackers – a good hacker and the bad one. A good hacker is the one who likes to disrupt things to make this world a better living place. However, the bad one just likes to mess up with things to create personal harm. It is the latter one that needs to be guarded against. When the reach of Internet spread all across the globe, fear of serious security threats started to rise. Today, the IT world is equipped with highly sophisticated equipment, computer support services in Miami and highly efficient managed IT services in Miami to ward off this evil. But, how will you know in the first place that your device is actually hacked?

Computer Hacking

Don’t worry! The guide fully abreast you with all the warning signs that will help you in threat detection.

  1. Unwanted Browser Toolbars: At times, when you access any particular site, multiple new toolbars flash at your screen that indicates to help you. Unless you are not completely aware of the source of the vendor, ignore such bogus toolbars. Otherwise you will have to make use of professional computer services in Miami.
  2. Frequent Random Pop-ups: If you come across random browser pop-ups from websites that do not normally generate them, surely your system is compromised. Most of the times, you cannot stop them even when your browser anti-pop up mechanism is activated.
  3. Does Your Password Change Suddenly? In certain scenario, the aggrieved person responds to a genuine-looking phishy email which it purportedly claimed from the service but that ends up with the changed password. Hacker will ultimately collect all the login information and change the password.
  4. Your Mouse Moves Automatically: If you see that your mouse has started random and automatic selections, you may have a possibility of being hacked. If it is running particular programs, surely your account is in the hands of malicious human.
  5. Fake Anti-Virus Messages: At times, fake anti-virus messages pop up on the screen. If you respond to such messages, you have called in for yourself a big trouble. It is too late to click no or cancel to stop the fake virus scan. The malicious virus software has already used unpatched software to exploit your system.
  6. Redirect Internet Searches: Have you ever encountered that you wanted to explore a particular page but went to some other. There are several hackers who eke out a living by redirecting your browser. For this, the hacker gets paid by getting your clicks to appear on someone else’s website.
  7. Your Friends Are Receiving Fake Emails From Your Email Account: Did your friend ever complained of receiving fake mails from your ID? Well, this problem was a menace earlier and the situation is much better now. Earlier, it was very common for malware programs to survey address book and send malicious mails to everyone in it. This was mostly done at the time when email attachment viruses were all the rage.
  8. Unexpected Software Installs: Malware programs today are Trojans and worms that install themselves as legitimate programs. Oftentimes, unwanted software is legally installed on your system by other programs without your knowledge. In such a scenario, read your license agreement carefully before installing any program.
  9. Check That Your Anti-Malware Software is enabled: If you notice that your anti-malware software displays the ‘disabled’ tab and you are unable to enable it, you are probably at risk.

From the above discussion it can be inferred that majority of the malicious hacking will originate from three vectors namely –

  • Running Trojan horse programs
  • Unpatched software
  • Responding to fake phishing emails

If you avoid these, you will be less likely to get affected. If you are unable to resolve the situation, call us, we are the leading providers of computer IT support in Miami. You can definitely count on BizNet Technology as we are the one-stop providers of all the top notch services like IT support in Miami, Fl

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