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How do I know if we are a fit for BizNet Technology?

Were probably too small to be acquired.
Over the years, some of BizNet’s growth has come by way of acquiring the client base of smaller I.T. organizations. What we’ve found, is that there are many times where an I.T. Professional ventures out on their own in hopes of one day running a flourishing consulting firm, only to find out that running the business got in the way of their true passion – working with technology.

The process of keeping clients happy, keeping employees happy, and taking care of the administrative duties (billing, collections, insurance, etc.) associated with running a business is not an easy chore. That being said, we at BizNet do a great job at all of the above

How much is my business worth?
If either of these circumstances sounds like the position that you are in, please drop us a line at and indicate your interest, and we’ll respond promptly.


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