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Ransomware exploits weak security to hit targets around the world

A prolific cybercrime gang behind a series of ransomware attacks is distributing a new form of the file-encrypting malware that combines two well-known and successful variants in a series of attacks against businesses around the world.

Like Dharma, Phobos exploits open or poorly secured RDP ports to sneak inside networks and execute a ransomware attack, encrypting files and demanding a ransom be paid in bitcoin for returning the files, which in this case are locked with a .phobos extension.

The demand is made in a ransom note — and aside from ‘Phobos’ logos being added to the ransom note, it’s exactly the same as the note used by Dharma, with the same typeface and text used throughout.

It isn’t only the ransom note Phobos shares with Dharma — much of the code behind the ransomware is the same, which researchers describing it as a “largely cut and paste variant of Dharma.”


However, Phobos also contains elements of CrySiS ransomware — also related to Dharma — with anti-virus software detecting Phobos as CrySiS. The ransomware’s file markers also differentiate it from Dharma. However, the attack methods and threat remains the same.
“What is clear is that while the ransomware type may be different, the group distributing Phobos, the exploit methods, ransom notes and communications remain nearly identical to Dharma,” researchers said in a blog post. Phobos is being distributed by the gang behind Dharma and likely serves as an insurance policy for malicious campaigns, providing attackers with a second option for conducting attacks, should Dharma end up decrypted or prevented from successfully extorting ransoms from victims. Currently, Dharma remains one of the most damaging families of ransomware during 2018.

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Windows 10 is Finally here

Introducing Windows 10

Introducing Windows 10

Windows 10 is finally here…So was it worth all the hype? Here are some of the features and what’s new.. Windows 10 comes with Microsoft Edge, an all-new browser that’s built to give you a better web experience. Write or type notes directly on webpages and share them with others, read online articles free of distraction, and save your favorite reads for later access. And with Cortana enabled, you get instant access to key actions—like making reservations or reading reviews—without leaving the page you’re on. Includes Windows store to purchase software and apps from all your computers or handheld devices. Windows 10 is free for most Windows 7 and 8.1 Users. Windows 10 Home Version will cost $99 and Professional version will cost $199. Contact us today to learn more about Windows 10 or have it installed for you (305) 256-2024.


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How E-Mail Hosting Services Benefit Small Businesses

For any company, E-mail has become one of the most important modes of communication. However, if you have managed IT services in Miami, you will not have to take the pains of maintaining in-house emailing system. Hosting of email servers in fact is not an easy task. Several experts are required for its management which most organizations would not be having. Thus, they turn towards exchange email hosting services provider.

Email hosting services have gained popularity in a short span of time because it offers organizations to have simple and easy-to-use email services without incurring additional costs. Some other benefits of having hosted email are:

email hosting services

BENEFIT OF BEING SECURE – Managed E-mail hosting service providers offer safe, secure and reliable solutions to their clients. They generally equip their service with industry encryption which means that data transition takes place in a completely encrypted environment. Thus, no unauthorized party can access it thereby saving your sensitive information from leaking while passing from client to the server.

SHARE YOUR ADDRESS BOOK WITH YOUR CO-WORKERS – Accessing information was never this easier! Thus, one of the primary benefits of using hosted email service is that you can store your contacts as well as get the details from your contacts with just click of a mouse. You will also be given the option of sharing your address book so that all those people who are using hosting services can access your contacts.

FILTER OUT YOUR VIRUSES & SPAM – There are several business owners who have to sift through a lot of unwanted spam and virus mails wherein majority of the time is lost in finding the appropriate one. It becomes a time-consuming task and can cost you seriously (All those who do not have hosted email services will concur with my thoughts).

However, if you use dedicated email solutions, you do not have to worry about spam mails and virus contained emails. All hosted service providers will provide several anti-spam and anti-virus filters which ensure that no unwanted mail or virus can breakthrough into your system.

DOES E-MAIL HOSTING SERVICE PROVIDER OFFERS ADEQUATE STORAGE SPACE? – The answer to this question depends on the company offering such services and the plan which you are taking. Generally, companies offering e-mail hosting solution ensures that their users get adequate storage space. However, it really depends on your requirements and the package which you have subscribed to. To avoid confusion, it is better to ask the provider itself how much storage space, the company is offering.

The aforementioned benefits are just a few of the hosted email. Every organization, be it small or large is entitled to have a reliable IT support to fulfill their emailing needs. As the company grows, so does the internal messaging. Therefore, there is no better way than handling mails through a hosted server. So call your nearest email hosting services provider today!

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Top 5 Awesome Benefits of Hiring IT Outsourcing Services

The rapidly changing dynamic business needs have started considering outsourcing their needs of IT support in Miami, Fl. They have realized the benefits of outsourcing touted by industry experts. Organizations looking for improving their productivity look up to managed IT support as their solution. Although there are many benefits worth considering but, below find top 5 reasons that tells you about the importance of outsourcing IT support services in Miami.

  1. IT Services Control IT Costs – IT outsourcing services enable you to convert your fixed IT costs into variable costs such that you can plan your budget effectively. Many businesses remained apprehensive of the costs that they might incur after using IT outsourcing services. But, in real sense, an IT outsourcing company in Miami will offer customized and affordable packages as per your organizations’ needs. You can avail these services either on a monthly basis or get a yearly package.
  2. IT Outsourcing Companies Help in Improving Efficiency and Competitiveness – IT Companies are aware of the industry’s trends which is why you do not have to invest your valuable time in fixing things up. Your IT needs gather momentum when you have an expert on the job. If your systems run efficiently on day-to-day basis, your operational efficiency will automatically receive a thrust thereby enhancing your productivity.
  3. Outsourcing IT Companies Stay Abreast of Tech Trends – We all are aware of the pace at which technology is changing. In such a situation, a managed IT outsourcing service provider will ensure that your organization is using the latest technology. You do not have to wait for hiring and training people for understanding the new technology. The trending technology will give you the opportunity to market your business in a better way and start new projects right away.
  4. Make Use of Greater Expertise – IT support is much more than merely installing a firewall software on the system. Working with someone who knows the industry well has its own advantages. Thus, training, certification and education of employees all forms a part of professional IT companies. But all this involves huge costs if you are thinking of maintaining in-house. It is therefore, better to have one on-call support to help you redress your grievances both big and small.
  5. Give Time To Your Business – Outsourcing can really help you to stay focused and not get distracted with complex IT decisions. You can have free time and resources to focus on what you do best.

IT Outsourcing Services

The aforementioned points were the immediate gains. However, if you are looking forward to know about your long-term benefits, read on!

  • An empowered workforce whose majority of the focus will lie on innovation.
  • Greater staff engagement and client satisfaction
  • Get a fully collaborative and mobile working environment.

If a quarter of your business hours are being spent in solving tech-related issues, you need to think again and consider scheduling an evaluation with an IT Outsourcing Company in Miami today!

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How Reliable is Your Current IT Support Services Provider

Organizations today requires a lot of IT infrastructure and a dedicated department to look after it in order to run business efficiently. It is unthinkable to have business continuity when your system has a major problem. What may happen if your –

  • Users couldn’t access files, mails, ordering systems, calendars or the Internet simply because your local network switch stopped working.
  • Your payroll system didn’t work and your employees were paid late.
  • Outside cabling was either damaged or stolen and your local SLA means that things won’t come to normal before a week.
  • Remote users are unable to access their work systems.

Therefore, assessing your business continuity risks is a way of ensuring that your business is secure in the times of crisis. Is it not better to equip yourself now than to repent later? But, you should remain a little cautious in your approach while looking for a new vendor as finding a reliable provider of computer services in Miami involves a lot of R&D. For all uninitiated, choosing the right source of computer IT support in Miami can be a complicated decision-making process particularly when there is no dearth of companies.

IT Support Services

There are certain factors to consider while selecting the right IT service partner. Therefore, to know all those reasons for finding the best provider of IT service in Miami, read on!

  1. IT Support Packages: Is it necessary to see whether the company offers a range of IT support packages or not. Also, whether the plans and the services are flexible enough to suit your current needs and help in facilitating future growth.
  2. Additional Services: You need to stay informed as to what additional services do the IT solutions provider will be in a position to give. Some of the leading names in the industry will definitely provide services like –
    • IP telephony
    • Cloud computing
    • Virtualization
    • Server solutions
    • Broadband
    • Consultancy
  3. Monthly Reporting: Monthly reports keep you abreast of the health of your IT infrastructure which is critical to your business functioning. It will demonstrate the loopholes which needs to be worked on as well as the parameters which are running fine.
  4. Emergency Support: When your network encounters technical glitch, is your IT support in Miami provider available on phone or remote support? Will they be giving guaranteed response time support when you have an issue with IT?
  5. Hidden Charges: Before signing any service level agreement, you should ask clearly with your giver of IT support Miami, Fl that there are no hidden costs associated.
  6. Security: Your computer systems are business critical and since you will be having both confidential as well as on the record data, it is essential to know that your network will be monitored not just during business hours but 24/7. This eliminates the threat of continuous security breach or system failure.
  7. How & When Will I be charged? Different service providers have different payment plans. Some may expect payment on a monthly basis whereas some pay-as-you-go or break-fix support.
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How to Recover Your Lost Computer Files?

Imagine a situation when you lose some or all of your data from your computer with just a single keystroke or click of the mouse? Devastating it is! One single click and bang! All your lifetimes’ data can get into this digital oblivion. But everything that disappears is not lost forever. Thus, caring for your system is just like caring for your health. You need to have a complete backup plan well in advance so that you can prevent disaster from occurring or recurring. A well laid out data backup plan in place will be just like your computer’s insurance policy.

Data Recovery

However, if you face a situation like this in future, you can retrieve these seemingly irretrievable files using the following D-I-Y tips –

  1. Recover Data from Backup Storage Devices: If you have already backed up your data in any of the storage devices such as floppy disks, CDs or external hard drives, you can easily retrieve your data from there.
  2. Restore Data from Recycling Bin: If you have recently deleted the file from your system, you can get it back from the Recycle Bin folder. You simply need to select the required file/s and click on ‘Restore’.
  3. Purchase Freeware Program: If you have deleted a file and you want it back and you see that it doesn’t appear in your Recycle Bin as well, you still can retrieve those. Such files are marked as ‘deleted’ but they are actually not! Assuming that you haven’t overwritten on the deleted file on the hard drive, you can buy a recovery program to get back those files.
  4. Remote Data Backup System: This system backs up and store data at regular intervals in an online database which you have to access via web. Now, in any undue circumstances like when your hard disk fails, your system has been attacked by a virus or is physically damaged, you can store information at any other system.
  5. Disaster Recovery Services: If all possible attempts fail to regenerate the lost data, the best and the wisest decision is to make use of the disaster recovery IT services. There are many computer support services in Miami offering affordable and reliable computer services.

Therefore, subscribing to efficiently reliable computer services in Miami can be your safest bet and with it you can give yourself the peace of mind as you now have a data backup insurance policy for your files.

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5 Incredible Benefits of Using Switchvox Phone Systems

The way businesses operate nowadays has seen a sea change as each one of us is going digital. Now, even the small and medium-scale businesses try and compete with big companies without spending dollars massively. In this way, they get recognition massively. Wondering how it is done? Well, companies today rely on phone systems and if you use Switchvox VoIP phone system, you can greatly benefit from it. With a Switchvox system you can –

  • Easily self-administer
  • Make feature rich choices
  • Allow all business processes to stay connected without spending too much.

Switchvox Phone System

Keeping all this in mind, find below 5 incredible advantages that could mean a lot for your business. These are –

  1. Outstanding Customer Service Options: If your company handles too many calls from clients, Switchvox phone systems can accommodate such a heavy call volume. It gives one several options like voicemail customization, call queues for employees, customizable sounds for a great customer experience who is on the other side of the line, music on hold and several similar features.
  2. Choose from the Flexible Options: You can choose your Switchvox system from any of the three platforms and two software options as per your organizational needs. For larger organizations, it is better to deploy AA355 and AA305 systems along with SMB software. On the other hand, AA60 and AA65 are meant for smaller businesses that run on SOHO software.
  3. Easy to Administer: Whether you are a first time phone system installer or have a time-constrained IT staff, you can still use Switchvox IB PBX easily. All this is possible because SMB and SOHO use a very simple web Graphical User Interface. Apart from it, you can use stupendous Digium support options for better understanding of Switchvox. You can choose from any of the three support options namely – silver, gold and platinum. If you are unable to configure phones or if you have questions on how to handle IVR, reporting or call queues, simply contact support services.
  4. Easy to Install: Both the SMB and SOHO software runs only on four selections which make these systems immune from any hardware issues. The software automatically detects a Digium card and quickly configures from the admin Graphical User Interface. Thus, there is no need to install any driver.
  5. Feature Rich: Both SMB and SOHO platforms offers a wide array of options such as –
    • Call queues
    • Conferencing
    • Switchboard
    • IVR
    • Reporting
    • Call control features
    • Distinctive rings on extensions
    • ‘Follow Me’ feature which will transfer the call to another extension if it goes unanswered.

Therefore, phone conferencing, call forwarding, voice mails and much more have become a standard in today’s industry. So, it is the Switchvox VoIP phone systems that will set you apart from the competition.

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9 Warning Signs That Show Your Computer is Hacked

With the advent of Internet, hackers followed suit! Literally, there are two categories of hackers – a good hacker and the bad one. A good hacker is the one who likes to disrupt things to make this world a better living place. However, the bad one just likes to mess up with things to create personal harm. It is the latter one that needs to be guarded against. When the reach of Internet spread all across the globe, fear of serious security threats started to rise. Today, the IT world is equipped with highly sophisticated equipment, computer support services in Miami and highly efficient managed IT services in Miami to ward off this evil. But, how will you know in the first place that your device is actually hacked?

Computer Hacking

Don’t worry! The guide fully abreast you with all the warning signs that will help you in threat detection.

  1. Unwanted Browser Toolbars: At times, when you access any particular site, multiple new toolbars flash at your screen that indicates to help you. Unless you are not completely aware of the source of the vendor, ignore such bogus toolbars. Otherwise you will have to make use of professional computer services in Miami.
  2. Frequent Random Pop-ups: If you come across random browser pop-ups from websites that do not normally generate them, surely your system is compromised. Most of the times, you cannot stop them even when your browser anti-pop up mechanism is activated.
  3. Does Your Password Change Suddenly? In certain scenario, the aggrieved person responds to a genuine-looking phishy email which it purportedly claimed from the service but that ends up with the changed password. Hacker will ultimately collect all the login information and change the password.
  4. Your Mouse Moves Automatically: If you see that your mouse has started random and automatic selections, you may have a possibility of being hacked. If it is running particular programs, surely your account is in the hands of malicious human.
  5. Fake Anti-Virus Messages: At times, fake anti-virus messages pop up on the screen. If you respond to such messages, you have called in for yourself a big trouble. It is too late to click no or cancel to stop the fake virus scan. The malicious virus software has already used unpatched software to exploit your system.
  6. Redirect Internet Searches: Have you ever encountered that you wanted to explore a particular page but went to some other. There are several hackers who eke out a living by redirecting your browser. For this, the hacker gets paid by getting your clicks to appear on someone else’s website.
  7. Your Friends Are Receiving Fake Emails From Your Email Account: Did your friend ever complained of receiving fake mails from your ID? Well, this problem was a menace earlier and the situation is much better now. Earlier, it was very common for malware programs to survey address book and send malicious mails to everyone in it. This was mostly done at the time when email attachment viruses were all the rage.
  8. Unexpected Software Installs: Malware programs today are Trojans and worms that install themselves as legitimate programs. Oftentimes, unwanted software is legally installed on your system by other programs without your knowledge. In such a scenario, read your license agreement carefully before installing any program.
  9. Check That Your Anti-Malware Software is enabled: If you notice that your anti-malware software displays the ‘disabled’ tab and you are unable to enable it, you are probably at risk.

From the above discussion it can be inferred that majority of the malicious hacking will originate from three vectors namely –

  • Running Trojan horse programs
  • Unpatched software
  • Responding to fake phishing emails

If you avoid these, you will be less likely to get affected. If you are unable to resolve the situation, call us, we are the leading providers of computer IT support in Miami. You can definitely count on BizNet Technology as we are the one-stop providers of all the top notch services like IT support in Miami, Fl

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How to Take Charge of Your Old Phone System

Why is it that you are still clung to your archaic and clunky Telephone System when the new VoIP models are out there in the market? What is stopping you from switching over to the latest VoIP trend? Recently, a survey revealed that there are several organizations who are still reluctant to adopt modern VoIP systems. They concur with the following reasons –

  • The organization is well-versed with the current system. It does not wish to switch over with a new one owing to this apprehension of hampering in work.
  • The organization has limited resources in terms of finances or personnel.
  • Some organization argues that they do not have the downtime to implement an entirely new system and get familiar with it.
  • There is lack of knowledge about modern phone systems.
  • The challenge (which is more in anticipation though) of retraining staff.

So, in such a scenario, what could be the drivers of replacing your old phone system? Think on the following –

  • It’s costing you more than you really think! Seriously! This is absolutely true! With technology changing in nick of time, you need to upgrade your technology at your end as well. Just consider a situation when your old ERP system goes down or slows your work comes to a standstill. If your work is distributed in multiple locations, you end up using the services of multiple vendors and spend time, money and energy in its maintenance. However, if you will be equipped with our telephone systems in Miami, you do not have to worry about anything.
  • The specific needs are no longer being met: I am sure your legacy system must not be equipped with such advanced features and so you have to use a customized one. But this is not a long-term solution. If you use our IP phone systems in Miami, we will offer you all things under one plan. You name it and we have it!
  • Inefficient System: You may not realize that your system is taking too long to accomplish even a simple task simply because you are accustomed to this delayed processing. But consider, if you are equipped with latest technology, you could surely save a lot of time.

VoIP Phone Systems

  • Reporting Data? Eh! Is it available? Most archaic Telephone systems do not provide analytics data. Let me remind you that we are in the age of analytics and if we want to make smarter business moves, we need to think out-of-the-box and make use of latest technology. The service by BizNet Technology offers such efficient phone systems in Miami.

However, if you start using our Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services, your organization will benefit significantly by-

  • Enhanced Mobility and Flexibility: Internet telephony significantly lowers costs and enables the user to integrate software programs. You can easily speak on phone and access other applications simultaneously. Using this, you are always on the move even if you are required to travel often.
  • Easy Installation, Usability and Troubleshooting: VoIP offers high degree of advantages over traditional telephone systems. You now require less cables and wires and scalability of VoIP infrastructure becomes much easier.
  • Enhanced Productivity: Now attaching documents, virtual meetings and sharing data via video conferencing is the in-thing today. Using VoIP, you can enhance your organizations’ productivity.
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The end of the Road for Windows XP – HIPAA Compliance

After April 8, 2014 Windows XP will no longer be acceptable as part of your HIPAA compliant solution. Microsoft will no longer offer support for Windows XP. Security holes will no longer be patched leaving the operating system open to mal-ware attacks.

What can I do? Upgrade the operating system.

If the hardware is capable, upgrade to Windows 7 Professional or Windows 8 Professional. If the hardware is not powerful enough for the Microsoft upgrades, replace the computer. Wipe or better yet, shred the hard drive and recycle the old computer. Replace it with a new computer running Windows 7 Professional or Windows 8 Professional.