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How to Choose the Right Managed IT Services Provider for Your Business?

Managed IT services are one of the fastest growing sectors of the technology industry today. A managed services provider monitors your network, supports your servers and, also, keeps the people using technology at your organization performing at peak efficiency. However, all the potential benefits of managed services can be achieved only when you select the right provider for your business.

When you are choosing a managed services provider in Miami, consider the following factors that would help you make an informed decision.

Skills and Experience
The level of experience and the depth of skills is the foremost factor to consider when choosing a managed services provider in Miami, Florida. Check out whether the provider has skills related to managing change, virtualization, multiple network technologies, cross-platform integration, mobility, security and, cloud technologies. Considering the fact that experience leads to specialization, also check out how many years of industry experience does the company has.

Continuous Remote Monitoring
Always consider hiring managed services in Florida which monitors your network not only during business hours but 24X7. This is because network monitoring during specific hours of time increases the chances of a security breach or system failure when no one is present to stop it.

Monthly Reporting
Hiring IT services in Miami which provides you the monthly reporting can prove extremely beneficial to your business. This is because the monthly reports always keep you aware of how your IT environment is performing throughout the year. These reports show which areas of your network need improvement and also help you better the budget of your IT expenditures.

The reputation of a company in market talks a lot about the level of services it provides. Therefore, it is important that you research annual reports and financial statements of your service provider in Florida, and also look out for opinions offered by its previous clients. Doing this would give you a fair idea whether the managed services you are hiring are right for your business.

With that said, the IT services Miami offer a great deal of value to your business for a fixed price. However, it is important that you hire the right managed services provider for your business, which can continue to provide quality IT support for your business into the future. The aforementioned factors can surely be of great help to you while choosing a managed IT services provider in Miami.

BizNet Technology provides remote support to your business wherever possible. Our managed IT services in Miami are really affordable and have been consistently engaged in serving your business needs in the best possible manner. Call us today at 1-888.5BIZNET or 305.256.2024!

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Essential Features to Look for While Installing a Business Phone System

Finding the right business phone service in Miami to help your company can be a little tricky. You need to decide on the features that will work best and make the company more efficient. While earlier businesses did not have much choices as to the type of business phone features they could go for, today, this is no longer the case as there are a great variety of features available solely meant to achieve a greater efficiency and attract customer’s attention.

Following outlines some features that your business phone system in Miami should have to streamline day to day activities of your organization.

Voicemail is a must-have feature for any Miami phone system wherein all your voicemail messages and faxes are kept in the extension’s mailbox. It is a great feature, especially for exceptional customer service where voicemail messages can be automatically and quickly forwarded to another extension from your telephone or computer.

Conferencing is a great facility to have in a phone system wherein with a Meet Me Conference Center; each of your phone extensions can have its own conference room. Besides the Meet Me Conference Center, you can also make a 3-way Conference Call and conference call via a Simple Conference Room to make your complete communication process quicker and easier.

The reporting facility of the Switchvox phone system in Miami offers you a major benefit in the form of Queue Status, which allows you to see the calls that are happening in a call queue at the moment and also the day’s statistics on a queue and its members. You can get easy access to all your call reports and call logs as well.

Call Control
The call control feature provides you with several advantages in the form of useful facilities like call transferring, call parking, Hold, call pickup, and more.

Network Security
Strong passwords are essential for good network security, and Switchvox makes them a requirement by default.

Technology Choices
The various technology choices of your business phone system, such as, Peered Switchvoxes, making calls over digital phone lines and video calling, etc. make the entire communication process efficient as never before.

Your business phone system identifies voice calls and faxes, and enables you to route them differently to Outlook or a standard fax machine. Also, it lets you use an outgoing fax machine, or print a file on your computer and send it as a fax.

The Switchboard
The switchboard allows you to drag-n-drop your calls, update your CRM, chat with co-workers, and do many such more things. It integrates effortlessly with popular 3rd-party applications. Also, your one glance at it enables you to see what your coworkers are up to, that is, whether they are on the phone, unavailable, or free to talk to you.

Additional Apps
The Digium Switchvox business phone system provides you with many additional apps that can be really beneficial in making your day to day business activities more efficient. These apps usually include, Switchvox Mobile, where you can effortlessly integrate your phone system with your smartphone, Google Maps Panel, Firefox Integration, and many more.

In nutshell, if you have a business that is setup in Miami, Florida and that largely depends on the use of phones; these above mentioned features will ensure the smooth and efficient operation of your daily business activities. These features will also help you in meeting your business objectives and keeping your customers satisfied beyond measure.

BizNet Technology provides you the best Switchvox services in Miami, and takes care of all your telephone system sales needs well. Call us today at 1-888.5BIZNET or 305.256.2024 and let us know how we can help you with your telephone system needs!

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Benefits of Hiring a Managed IT Service Provider

A large part of the success of your business depends on your IT infrastructure. In fact, IT infrastructure often acts as a source of competitive advantage if you own a small or medium size business. But if you have outdated IT infrastructure in your company, it can also badly affect the productivity of your business. However, running and managing a full-time, in-house IT department in a company can be a daunting task for many. Time, money, and shortage of competent staff are some of the key challenges faced by most of the small and mid-sized businesses. Therefore, many businesses these days have started outsourcing the management of their Information Technology (IT) system to professional IT managed service providers.

Benefits of Hiring Managed IT Services in Florida:

Low Costs
Managed IT support services in Florida help you reduce costs immensely. The reason being, the amount of money spent on an in-house tech can be costly and seldom meets what is expected of your IT security, cloud, software, hardware, etc. Managed IT services in Miami, Florida will rarely be out of your budget, and will help reduce your overall costs greatly.

Smooth Operation
Outsourcing the management of your IT system to a professional managed service provider in Florida will take away all the responsibility from you of network management and 24/7 monitoring of your IT problems that can arise at any point of time. This allows you to be more focused on the day to day operations that are critical to your business, thereby, leading to overall smooth operation of your business.

Latest Technology
Managed services in Florida use all the latest technologies, hardware and software, to give you the top quality IT solutions. This not only keeps your business up-to-date but also gives you a competitive edge over others. Keeping up with the latest technology is usually not possible in-house as it requires extreme knowledge and significant amount of time, which an in-house team generally lacks.

The Final Word
Hiring a managed IT service provider provides you ample of benefits and makes your IT infrastructure even stronger. If you wish to put an IT infrastructure in place without having to deal with any hassle or frustration related to building and maintaining the network, then hiring professional IT network consultants in Florida is certainly a right choice for you.

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Small Business VoIP – Some Benefits to Consider

Small business VoIP is getting a lot of attention these days. Many small businesses have started switching to VoIP phone systems due to its cost-effectiveness. VoIP or voice over Internet Protocol telephone systems basically allow the telecommunications system to be run over the internet lines rather than the telephone lines. The VoIP service provides a variety of advantages other than just the cost-effectiveness, as discussed below:

Reduced Costs
As already mentioned above, cost-effectiveness is one major reason many small businesses are switching over to VoIP technology. With VoIP technology in place, while your setup costs reduce immensely, your monthly costs also cut down drastically as you use VoIP’s web and video conferencing and other collaboration tools. According to a study, it has been found out that VoIP telephone system installation allows you to save almost 60 percent of your costs when compared to the costs of a standard phone system.

Better Communication
VoIP systems provide a scope for much improved and better communication in your organization. While your employees will have more ways to stay connected no matter where they are, your customers can also quite easily reach out to your employees without getting irritated by long and tiring phone system menus.

Easy Configuration
VoIP service systems provide many useful configurations, such as, converting text emails to voicemail messages, or forward faxes, and voicemail messages to an email inbox. To be precise, VoIP allows managing messages of all types from a single platform.

Improved Productivity
VoIP systems also help your business elevate productivity greatly. This is because with VoIP technology in place, you waste quite less time managing calls because of the convenient features and configurations a VoIP phone system provides.

Improved Customer Service
VoIP service providers are usually able to help small businesses with technical issues far more quickly than the standard phone service providers as they are more familiar with web based systems. Rather than having to navigate to a difficult customer service, businesses can easily take assistance of customer service representatives through the Internet.

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Yes, There Really Is Malware For Apple’s Mac OS

For decades now there’s been an argument as to why all the malware, the viruses, trojans and the like, were for Windows and not for Apple‘s OS. Or the various flavors of Unix and so on. The disputing parties tend to fall into two distinct groups. One saying that it was simply because Windows sucked and Apple was perfect, the other much smaller group saying it was all about market share.

Apple until very recently had a small market share. 4% seems to come to mind as a reasonable historical average. This has risen strongly now. So, if it was all about market share then we should expect to see people crafting malware for the Mac OS. In a way that they didn’t when there just weren’t that many Macs out there.

Crooks have developed a new Mac OS X-specific Trojan that mimics the behaviour of a legitimate software installer.

Ah, I think we’ve got some evidence in favor of that market share argument then. Now that Macs are more popular it’s actually worth writing code specifically to hoodwink that OS. And now that it is worth it we begin to see such specifically written code.

Yes, we agree, Apple didn’t leave quite as many gaping holes in the software as Microsoft did. And it helped that it was all based on Unix in recent years. So we have partly a foot in both camps: but how nice to see the great economic insight, that incentives matter, being proven true once again.

Now that it’s worth making malware to attack Macs people are making malware to attack Macs. In a way Apple should feel very proud here. They’ve finally got market share up high enough that it’s worth trying to subvert their products.



Folks please be aware and very careful. Many innocent people are opening their wallets and paying anywhere from $200 to $400, and in some cases more, to theoretically pay off the FBI. The virus claims, pretty convincingly, that the FBI has “seized and frozen access” to your computer based on your illegal downloading of copyrighted material from one or more websites.

Let’s look closely at some of the elements here:

-An “official” FBI seal

-The blaring warning: “Your computer has been locked!”

-Some variation of the message, “You have been violating copyright and related rights law.”

-Your IP address (or at least what purports to be).

-Realistic-looking and very detailed instructions on how you can pay a fine within the next 48 hours (here’s where MoneyPak comes in) and have your computer unlocked. Green Dot MoneyPak, which I have never heard of before this, according to the notice, can be purchased at major retailers such as WalMart, CVS, Walgreens, Kmart, etc.

According to the Green Dot MoneyPak website:

MoneyPak is an easy and convenient way to send money to where you need it. The MoneyPak works as a ‘cash top-up card’. Once you purchase it at a participating retailer with cash, you can use it to reload prepaid cards, add money to a PayPal account without using a bank account, or make same-day payments to major companies.

-But most importantly, the absolute inability to do anything on the computer and each repeated log-in only leads back to a frozen screen and “the FBI warning”.

Be aware of “Trojan Horse-type” viruses. Know that there are all kinds of scams out there, with many originating with organized crime rings abroad.

Conclusion: this is a scam. However, apparently far from everyone has come to that conclusion, the scam is working, and individuals are sending money directly to these criminals.

If your business has been infected by this virus and you need help call us today at 1.888.5BIZNET.

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The Future is bright for mobile health-care apps

Congressional hearings on mobile health-care application regulation suggest the future is bright for this technology, say mHIMSS executives Tom Martin and David Collins.

The hearings, held March 19-21, considered the importance of allowing innovation to flourish vs. the importance of regulation for patient safety.

Discussed in the hearings were the dangers of strict FDA oversight and the potential threat of Obamacare taxes on apps—concerns that were dismissed by most witnesses.

According to Martin and Collins, “While a few developers are waiting on the FDA’s final medical app guidance before submitting apps to the market, many developers are bringing innovative products to market, and venture funding for healthcare startups is at an all time high.”

Moreover, although a very small segment of the app marketplace could be subject to the excise tax on medical devices, most app categories would not, say Martin and Collins.

This likely gives app developers the confidence to bring new apps to the market, and that could lead to an explosion if mobile health-care technology.

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Happy New Year

2013 promises to be exciting and productive for Biznet’s friends. New offices, new technology, new ways to communicate—our customers are preparing to make this a very successful year. We want to thank everyone for the opportunity to make economic recovery a reality through hard work, careful planning and teamwork. Our carefully chosen vendors provide Biznet new telephone systems to help our clients reach more customers, new security systems to keep company networks private, new computers to take advantage of the Internet, and new technology to connect remote workers and offices in real time to their headquarters. When customers and prospects ask ‘How can we get the best value?’ we offer solutions that are affordable, efficient and manageable. Taking a vision and making it real is a wonderful thing to share.
Enjoy time with family and friends during this holiday season. Get ready for the best year ever.

All the best wishes,
Biznet Technology

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While malware and security threats have been a constant problem for companies using Windows based systems, Mac users have been relatively virus free. This has largely been because of fewer Mac users. That’s changing now, as more people switch to Macs, more viruses and malware programs are being found that target these systems, including a new one that installs itself.

Dubbed OSX/Crisis, this malware has just been discovered, and it’s an interesting one.

OSX/Crisis silently infects Mac users regardless of their status. If a user visits a website it is hosted on, or downloads an attachment with the malware attached, it will install itself without letting the user know.

As Mac users know, there are two types of users: Admin and non-admin. Admin users have rights to install and delete files, while non-admin don’t. Typically, if a user install something they have to enter an admin password to complete the install. OSX/Crisis doesn’t ask for this permission, meaning the user won’t even know they’ve been infected.

When the trojan is installed, it opens a backdoor to your computer, so a hacker can quickly and easily enter your computer without you noticing, or having to log in. The disturbing thing about OSX/Crisis is it installs different files depending on the user’s access privileges, giving hackers access to the computer regardless of authority of the user., the company that found the malware has noted that there have been no cases of this malware in users. While it isn’t out there yet, chances are highly likely that it will be soon. The company also noted that it only works on OSX versions 10.6 and 10.7, earlier versions and the new version, 10.8 won’t allow it to install itself.

If you use Macs in your office, you should take precautionary steps by installing virus scanners, ensuring they’re up-to-date and conducting scans on a scheduled basis. To learn more about this threat and other security issues, please contact us today at (305) 256-2024

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Medicare and Medicaid EHR Incentive Programs

The Medicare and Medicaid EHR Incentive Programs will provide incentive payments to eligible professionals, eligible hospitals and critical access hospitals (CAHs) as they adopt, implement, upgrade or demonstrate meaningful use of certified EHR technology. Biznet Technology can help you get there today. Call us now at (305) 256-2024 or (888)5Biznet!!

  • Participation can begin as early as 2011.
  • Eligible professionals can receive up to $44,000 over five years under the Medicare EHR Incentive Program. There’s an additional incentive for eligible professionals who provide services in a Health Professional Shortage Area (HSPA).
  • To get the maximum incentive payment, Medicare eligible professionals must begin participation by 2012.
  • Incentive payments for eligible hospitals and CAHs may begin as early as 2011 and are based on a number of factors, beginning with a $2 million base payment.
  • Important! For 2015 and later, Medicare eligible professionals, eligible hospitals, and CAHs that do not successfully demonstrate meaningful use will have a payment adjustment in their Medicare reimbursement.