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Essential Features to Look for While Installing a Business Phone System

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Finding the right business phone service in Miami to help your company can be a little tricky. You need to decide on the features that will work best and make the company more efficient. While earlier businesses did not have much choices as to the type of business phone features they could go for, today, this is no longer the case as there are a great variety of features available solely meant to achieve a greater efficiency and attract customer’s attention.

Following outlines some features that your business phone system in Miami should have to streamline day to day activities of your organization.

Voicemail is a must-have feature for any Miami phone system wherein all your voicemail messages and faxes are kept in the extension’s mailbox. It is a great feature, especially for exceptional customer service where voicemail messages can be automatically and quickly forwarded to another extension from your telephone or computer.

Conferencing is a great facility to have in a phone system wherein with a Meet Me Conference Center; each of your phone extensions can have its own conference room. Besides the Meet Me Conference Center, you can also make a 3-way Conference Call and conference call via a Simple Conference Room to make your complete communication process quicker and easier.

The reporting facility of the Switchvox phone system in Miami offers you a major benefit in the form of Queue Status, which allows you to see the calls that are happening in a call queue at the moment and also the day’s statistics on a queue and its members. You can get easy access to all your call reports and call logs as well.

Call Control
The call control feature provides you with several advantages in the form of useful facilities like call transferring, call parking, Hold, call pickup, and more.

Network Security
Strong passwords are essential for good network security, and Switchvox makes them a requirement by default.

Technology Choices
The various technology choices of your business phone system, such as, Peered Switchvoxes, making calls over digital phone lines and video calling, etc. make the entire communication process efficient as never before.

Your business phone system identifies voice calls and faxes, and enables you to route them differently to Outlook or a standard fax machine. Also, it lets you use an outgoing fax machine, or print a file on your computer and send it as a fax.

The Switchboard
The switchboard allows you to drag-n-drop your calls, update your CRM, chat with co-workers, and do many such more things. It integrates effortlessly with popular 3rd-party applications. Also, your one glance at it enables you to see what your coworkers are up to, that is, whether they are on the phone, unavailable, or free to talk to you.

Additional Apps
The Digium Switchvox business phone system provides you with many additional apps that can be really beneficial in making your day to day business activities more efficient. These apps usually include, Switchvox Mobile, where you can effortlessly integrate your phone system with your smartphone, Google Maps Panel, Firefox Integration, and many more.

In nutshell, if you have a business that is setup in Miami, Florida and that largely depends on the use of phones; these above mentioned features will ensure the smooth and efficient operation of your daily business activities. These features will also help you in meeting your business objectives and keeping your customers satisfied beyond measure.

BizNet Technology provides you the best Switchvox services in Miami, and takes care of all your telephone system sales needs well. Call us today at 1-888.5BIZNET or 305.256.2024 and let us know how we can help you with your telephone system needs!

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