Non-Profit Organizations all have basic needs: computers to process inbound and outbound data, printers, scanners and fax machines to document their workload, and a reliable telephone system to reach the general public, key organizations, and government agencies. These all must be networked, and the network must be managed for stability, security and cost-effectiveness.

Only Biznet Technology offers the solutions to keep the computer, printer and telephone networks running smoothly. It costs too much to have separate vendors for each, and to wait for something to break before calling a technician. Down-time and idle workers are expensive.

Biznet Technology is unique in offering Telecom services from experienced technicians along with Computer Networking and Network Management. Multi-office locations can access a central server at headquarters, or that central server can be co-located at our secure data center, safe from break-ins, disasters like fire and hurricanes, and power outages. In a multiple server environment, our VMWare experts can save the organization money on energy and space by creating virtual servers that are accessible from anywhere, secure from outside attack, and expandable as networking needs increase.

Is your phone system a problem? Biznet Technology offers new telephones systems from major vendors, at prices low enough to offer a quick Return On Investment. And with our lease options, major upgrades are possible for low monthly payments, on telephone systems that last far beyond the lease terms, serviced by Biznet technicians.

Let Biznet Technology assess your networking needs and make suggestions. By keeping your organization running smoothly, Biznet allows you to concentrate on the community service your Non-Profit Organization has set as its goal.

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