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Property managers, particularly those offering Executive Suites and Virtual Offices, use Biznet Telecom services to add value for their tenants. Biznet offers the CTI (Computer Telephony Interface) software package and Mitel telephone systems, enabling one or two receptionists to answer the phones for all the tenant businesses, with screen pops on their monitors showing the business being called, the scripted greeting requested by the tenant, and the options for transfer to the handset or voicemail. In addition, each call inbound and outbound is logged, timed and can be billed according to parameters set by the manager. The software will generate the tenant Summary and Detail reports for billing. New modern telephone systems help close the deal with prospective tenants, and having a live receptionist taking calls gives the professional image any business wants to project.

Renovation and tenant build-outs all require new voice and data cables. Biznet Technology offers full cabling services, both data and telecom, terminated in the right positions on attractive wall plates. Biznet Technology also partners with the largest Internet providers to bring affordable bandwidth into the building. Using state of the art firewalls and managed switches, Biznet can monitor and regulate bandwidth usage, so one tenant cannot take bandwidth away from the others. A clean well organized It/Telecom room with cable management will make everything easier to use and to service. Biznet Technology specializes in taking “phone closet” messes out of the picture, using racks and patch panels to control the growth of the infrastructure.

By offering Biznet services to the individual tenants, the property manager can offer consistent quality IT work at reasonable prices for everyone. Instead of having ten different companies cutting holes in the walls and pulling out existing cables, by using Biznet Technology for all telephone, internet and computer networking, the property’s integrity is easy to maintain.

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