Outsourced IT Support
Founded in 2006, we provide our managed services, computer support and network services and solutions to numerous clients throughout the Miami, Broward, and Palm Beach area.

Below are just a few of the many testimonials we have received.

“We also use BizNet for all of our IT support.  These guys are the best!”

“We switched to them over a year ago—great decision.”

“I don’t think you will find a better computer support company.”

“We fired three other Miami, FL based IT Support Company before finding BizNet-we have been using them for over a year and plan on being a customer for a long time.”

“Great service!”

“I don’t think there is anything they can’t fix….”

“We like how we pay one fee and all of our IT support is included!”

“No more “break fix” support for us—we are done with that model.”

“Super!!!!!  I can’t remember the last time our server crashed!”

“Best company I have dealt with.”

“Affordable service and their techs all very nice and friendly.”

“Efficient and friendly—they took the time to truly understand our needs”.

“We have been using them for my company for years. They are all really professional and helped build the current network we are using now.”

“The team at BizNet definitely knows what they’re doing. They are very truthful, helpful and honest.”

“It’s better finding a good car mechanic! My only regret in making this post is that I am telling even more people about them instead of keeping it as my own little secret! Anyway, use them, you will have no regrets.”

“Amazing-they really know their stuff when it comes to computers and networks.”

“Since we are a professional services firm, we understand the need and importance of focusing on core competencies and serving our clients. So, when it came to our network and computer systems, we were more than willing to find a capable company to handle it for us. But, we didn’t really have the requirement for a full-time IT person, BizNet met our needs perfectly. They got rid of so much of the administrative headache of running a business because they fix problems before they become critical so that we actually have fewer issues. The peace of mind we have as a result of their expert services are something I would recommend to anyone!”

“We looked at five different managed service companies before selecting BizNet. What we like most about their services is that they frequently communicate with us about exactly what is going to happen before they do it, so we are always able to be fully prepared. They understand that we are trying to run a profitable business and can’t have things going wacky with our technology or computer systems. As always, great work!”

“We interviewed several IT support service firms as we had the need to finally update and upgrade the maintenance our computer network.  BizNet had the experience, staff, and professionalism that we were seeking. Their references were impeccable, confirming what we already believed and heard from several others. I’ve been very happy to learn that their Network Administrator has taken the time to get to know most of our people and their individual computer needs.  BizNet has definitely given us the results we were looking for in our new vendor.”

“Like most companies, we had an IT guy working on our network. He usually did great work, but often became too busy or unavailable to respond to all of our needs all of the time. After testing out several companies who did little more than create more problems and make things worse, we decided to go with BizNet at the recommendation of one of their current clients who we really respected.  BizNet follows industry standard best practices throughout their business. They are all easy to work with and we always know that they will take great care of us.”

“We wanted a company that could deal with all of our computer issues that we simply did not have the time or expertise to deal with. BizNet was a perfect choice because we have the same tech person visit us every week who is very familiar with our all our infrastructure and we no longer have to be concerned about dealing with technology problems by ourselves anymore. What a relief, thanks guys.”

“BizNet is our one-stop shop for dealing with all aspects of our IT support.  Not only do they quickly fix any IT issues, they frequently catch problems before they become something really bad.  They also help us with technology planning and budgeting—this is a big plus for us. Our company has been able to survive these tough times in part to the great support we have received from everyone at BizNet.”

“BizNet has been our IT support company for over three years. Their personalized service and level of professionalism and expertise are unmatched. We know we can always call on them for expert technical advice and problem solving.  We can count on them to solve any size issue and really could not ask for a higher level of service and quality company.”

“About a year ago, we made the decision change vendors for our IT computer support needs. The company we had been using was not very proficient in what they were doing. After meeting with BizNet and discussing our technology support needs I switched BizNet.  I soon found that everyone was very attentive to our needs. They continue to work very closely with us to make sure our computers are running smoothly, efficiently, and are secure at all times.  I would highly recommend BizNet for all of your computer support needs.”

“Great work and everyone is very friendly and responsive.”

“We are also a client and wouldn’t use anybody else in the Miami, Fl area.”

“Great video testimonial, I think I will have to check out BizNet as we are unhappy with our current IT support company.

“Very informative and helpful information.  Thanks!”

“Great service and company, we could not be more satisfied.”

“Very professional, knowledgeable and always very patient. I can use a computer but trying to repair a computer is whole different issue.”

“I’m going to recommend BizNet to all my friends! Thanks for the great work.”

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