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3com NBX Systems

Stuck with a problem on your 3com system you paid thousands for and nobody wants to help? Call us at 305.256.2024…

Biznet Technology in Miami, Florida provides full service for your 3com NBX V3000, NBX 100, or NBX 3001R business and residential IP phone systems.

We also offer remote support and telephone support for systems outside our reach. We are/were 3com certified partners until about 2 years ago when HP acquired 3com and retired the 3com NBX product line and production. We carry many parts and spares in stock and offer service agreements for those who cannot afford to replace your 3com NBX system. Many of the old 3com partners have decided to stop servicing the systems and force people to buy new telephone systems. We are here to help. We love working on these systems and have been doing so for over 10 years. Call us today to discuss service for your 3com system or the purchase of any special parts you are in need of. Some of the licenses are still being sold for telephones.

3com NBX systems covered are NBX 100, NBX V5000, NBX V3000, NBX V3001, and NBX V3001R

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