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5 Incredible Benefits of Using Switchvox Phone Systems

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The way businesses operate nowadays has seen a sea change as each one of us is going digital. Now, even the small and medium-scale businesses try and compete with big companies without spending dollars massively. In this way, they get recognition massively. Wondering how it is done? Well, companies today rely on phone systems and if you use Switchvox VoIP phone system, you can greatly benefit from it. With a Switchvox system you can –

  • Easily self-administer
  • Make feature rich choices
  • Allow all business processes to stay connected without spending too much.

Switchvox Phone System

Keeping all this in mind, find below 5 incredible advantages that could mean a lot for your business. These are –

  1. Outstanding Customer Service Options: If your company handles too many calls from clients, Switchvox phone systems can accommodate such a heavy call volume. It gives one several options like voicemail customization, call queues for employees, customizable sounds for a great customer experience who is on the other side of the line, music on hold and several similar features.
  2. Choose from the Flexible Options: You can choose your Switchvox system from any of the three platforms and two software options as per your organizational needs. For larger organizations, it is better to deploy AA355 and AA305 systems along with SMB software. On the other hand, AA60 and AA65 are meant for smaller businesses that run on SOHO software.
  3. Easy to Administer: Whether you are a first time phone system installer or have a time-constrained IT staff, you can still use Switchvox IB PBX easily. All this is possible because SMB and SOHO use a very simple web Graphical User Interface. Apart from it, you can use stupendous Digium support options for better understanding of Switchvox. You can choose from any of the three support options namely – silver, gold and platinum. If you are unable to configure phones or if you have questions on how to handle IVR, reporting or call queues, simply contact support services.
  4. Easy to Install: Both the SMB and SOHO software runs only on four selections which make these systems immune from any hardware issues. The software automatically detects a Digium card and quickly configures from the admin Graphical User Interface. Thus, there is no need to install any driver.
  5. Feature Rich: Both SMB and SOHO platforms offers a wide array of options such as –
    • Call queues
    • Conferencing
    • Switchboard
    • IVR
    • Reporting
    • Call control features
    • Distinctive rings on extensions
    • ‘Follow Me’ feature which will transfer the call to another extension if it goes unanswered.

Therefore, phone conferencing, call forwarding, voice mails and much more have become a standard in today’s industry. So, it is the Switchvox VoIP phone systems that will set you apart from the competition.

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