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3com NBX Systems

Stuck with a problem on your 3com system you paid thousands for and nobody wants to help? Call us at 305.256.2024…

Biznet Technology in Miami, Florida provides full service for your 3com NBX V3000, NBX 100, or NBX 3001R business and residential IP phone systems.

We also offer remote support and telephone support for systems outside our reach. We are/were 3com certified partners until about 2 years ago when HP acquired 3com and retired the 3com NBX product line and production. We carry many parts and spares in stock and offer service agreements for those who cannot afford to replace your 3com NBX system. Many of the old 3com partners have decided to stop servicing the systems and force people to buy new telephone systems. We are here to help. We love working on these systems and have been doing so for over 10 years. Call us today to discuss service for your 3com system or the purchase of any special parts you are in need of. Some of the licenses are still being sold for telephones.

3com NBX systems covered are NBX 100, NBX V5000, NBX V3000, NBX V3001, and NBX V3001R

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Meditab – IMS ONC-ATCB 2011/2012 certification for ARRA

Biznet Technology is proud to announce it’s new partnership with Meditab, an industry leader in healthcare technology since 1998. They are among the first to receive certification from the Certification Commission for Health Information Technology (CCHIT 2011®), assuring eligible providers that the product has satisfied all requirements in accordance with the certification criteria adopted by the Secretary of Health and Human Services, and qualify eligible providers to receive Stage 1 (HITECH) incentive payments under the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act of 2009 (ARRA) as early as April 2011.

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Switchvox Reseller Miami


The Switchvox system is loaded with Unified Messaging features like Call recording, efax, conference bridge, Softphones, pc console, and more all built in. For more information call us at 888.5BIZNET or click on the link below.

Digium – Phone Systems
to Power Your Business

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Pano Virtual Desktop Solutions


Pano Logic is a desktop virtualization solution that helps businesses reduce operating costs, simplify management, improve security and consolidate resources to maximize efficiency. You can replace PCs with zero-client Pano devices.

Why Pano?

100% Security at the Desktop—prevents data leakage, provides compliance

Reduce Energy Consumption by 97%–Only 2 watts energy with energy saving mode—and no air conditioning requirement

Lower TCO by 88%–No endpoint management, no viruses, no drives that crash

Outperforms in user experience and network utilization, and requires fewer server resources

Let us show you how this solution can work for your business.

We will arrange a Webinar for you and your staff, and a live demo at your facility.

Call us at 305-256-2024 or email

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Biznet Technology now VAR for Snom VoIP

Snom ONE plus, combined with snom IP phones, is a reliable, easy to implement out-of-the-box solution. Pre-installed with snom ONE IP-PBX software, the snom ONE plus represents a highly convenient purpose-built hardware solution supporting the full range of snom features. snom ONE plus is available in two versions:

  • snom ONE plus blue (no license limit on  extensions, full feature set: Typically for offices with up to 50 extensions)
  • snom ONE plus yellow (up to 20 extensions, full feature set)

Built according to industry-standards, snom ONE plus does not include any mechanical parts, ensuring greatly increased durability and stability required to protect your investment. By utilizing the snom ONE plus together with snom IP phones you can be sure to benefit from the reliability and interoperability of a one-stop snom shop.

A user-friendly configuration utility gives you complete control and management of the snom ONE plus, easily accessible via web interface. The snom ONE plus comes complete with a full 3 year warranty as standard and can be easily wall or rack mounted.

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Valentine Day Scams Online

From the Sun Sentinel newspaper’s consumer blog, Daniel Vasquez reports:

Daniel Vasquez: Three Valentine’s Day scams you should know about by: Daniel Vasquez February 13th, 2012 | 10:40 AM

Isn’t romance complicated enough without having to worry about scammers? Unfortunately, Florida officials are warning that fraudsters and other low-lifes are using V-Day as a way to take advantage of people online.

The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services is warning residents of these three popular schemes:

e-Cards: Sure, sending an e-Card instead of an old-fashioned written card sounds convenient (if a bit un-romantic), but cyber-criminals are using fake e-Card sites to trick victims into providing personal information, such as an address, date of birth or credit card number, or to infect a victim’s computer with malware that can steal your ID or ruin your device.

Social Media and Chats: The bad guys are using “flirt-bots,” or malignant software applications, to simulate online chats on social media sites aimed at getting the victim to give up personal information. A red flag: The chat tries to take you away from your social mediate site to another. Other scammers will try to get to you by pretending to be a long, lost friend.

Shopping: Watch out for pop-ups, strange links and unsolicited email requests for personal information in order to complete an online order. If you like an advertisement from a company, look up the company and call directly so you know who you are dealing with, or type in the URL yourself. For more information about various romance scams, check out my recent column. If you think you are a victim of a romance scam, contact your local police. For additional help, call the Florida DBPR at 1-800-HELP-FLA (435-7352).

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New Referral Program for Consultants

Biznet Technology provides Level 3 IT support and telecom services to Florida businesses. Lately we have been approached by several different consultants who have clients they want to keep, but those clients need work done that is beyond their level of expertise. Rather than bringing in an outside firm that might steal the client away, consultants we deal with know that Biznet can provide virtualization, co-location and other cloud services through the consulting firm. Companies providing medical software, for example, may want to have someone they trust do cabling, remote connectivity, security, and VMWare setups. A friendly referral can help the consultant expand his customer base. Why turn any business away? If you have a customer who needs reliable support, new equipment, or cloud services, let us help you take care of their needs. After all, taking care of customers is the goal of any successful business.

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The Amazing Mondopad from Infocus

Infocus Mondopad, the biggest advance in Video Collaboration and Conferencing since the digital whiteboard.

Mondopad is a 55″ 1080p Multi-Touch LCD, with a built-in Intel i5 computer running Microsoft Windows 7 and Office 2010, including Wi-Fi via an Intel WAP, WNA & vPro, a digital whiteboard, camera, microphones, and anyone anywhere connectivity via Vidtel. And get this: MSRP $5975.00 Call today to learn more: 305-256-2024 or email

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How To Run Your Business In Storm Season

Hurricane Irene has businesses all over the East Coast scrambling to prepare for the storm and its aftermath. What would you do if your office had no power for a week or more? What happens if your server crashes or gets damaged? How will you recover?

Biznet Technology offers solutions you need to run your business in any scenario. Why worry about your office server when you can co-locate it in our secure data center, and access it from anywhere? And for customers who need to upgrade their computing power as well as their security, why not let us Virtualize your server? It’s an option more and more businesses use, to increase productivity without increasing overhead. With a virtual server, you access your same company records and software through a secure portal. Rather than having to be in the office, you have the office with you wherever you go. Work from home, from Starbucks, from the library, from any place with Internet access. This is the best way to show customers you care about their business, by being there to serve them while your competitors wait for the power company to restore the lines.

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Cloud Computing From Biznet Technology

Imagine logging in to your business applications from anywhere in the world!!

Maybe you’ve heard of cloud computing but aren’t exactly sure what it means. Don’t worry, we do. Like virtualization technology, cloud computing is on the forefront of the technology revolution.

Essentially, cloud computing is Internet-based computing. Biznet Technology can host your applications or servers in a secure data center on the Internet, allowing you to access your data and desktop functions – anytime and from anywhere in the world over the Internet – via a secure web portal.

Cloud computing can also let you access your desktop from anywhere you have Internet access, allowing you and your employees to perform work functions exactly as you could from the office. This technology allows you to eliminate thousands of dollars in computer expenses, and spend significantly less on cheaper hardware, such as thin clients or dummy terminals.

Biznet Technology has proven expertise in designing cloud computing solutions. Call one of our specialists today at  305.256.2024 or toll-free at 1-888-524-9638 and see if cloud computing is the right solution for your business.