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How To Run Your Business In Storm Season

Hurricane Irene has businesses all over the East Coast scrambling to prepare for the storm and its aftermath. What would you do if your office had no power for a week or more? What happens if your server crashes or gets damaged? How will you recover?

Biznet Technology offers solutions you need to run your business in any scenario. Why worry about your office server when you can co-locate it in our secure data center, and access it from anywhere? And for customers who need to upgrade their computing power as well as their security, why not let us Virtualize your server? It’s an option more and more businesses use, to increase productivity without increasing overhead. With a virtual server, you access your same company records and software through a secure portal. Rather than having to be in the office, you have the office with you wherever you go. Work from home, from Starbucks, from the library, from any place with Internet access. This is the best way to show customers you care about their business, by being there to serve them while your competitors wait for the power company to restore the lines.

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