Pano for VDI

ProPalms Pano VDI Device


Pano for VDI

The Pano solution from Propalms includes everything you need to deploy virtual desktops on top of your VMware or Microsoft virtualization platform. In one integrated system you get a choice of our unique award-winning Pano zero client, the new Pano Virtual Client for repurposed PCs/Laptops and Pano Remote for secure remote access from anywhere. All three endpoints are managed from the comprehensive Pano controller management front-end, working across groups of sites and servers to provide scalability and fault-tolerance.

Benefits include:

  • Zero – radically centralize your desktops, eliminating endpoint complexity, moving all management into the data center
  • Complete – one system providing everything you need for state-of-the-art virtual desktops
  • Secure – zero client store-nothing architecture ensures that data leaks can never occur
  • Productive – up and running in as little as an hour with a wizard-based installer, improving IT productivity, eliminating troubleshooting visits and downtime
  • Remote Access – with Propalms OneGate integration, secure access to Pano Desktops is available from PC, iPad and Android devices

Pano VDI Brochure

Pano VDI Datasheet

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